Vitor (1971) – Brasilian, husband of Ronald, spend 20 years in Amsterdam working as a host and barista.
Presently Campscape owner and manager, and responsible for the feel of the estate.


Ronald (1965) – Dutch, husband of Vitor, spend all his adult life in Amsterdam, working as a human geographer for the city of Amsterdam. Currently assistant Campscape manager and Campscaper, responsible for the looks of the estate.


Dushi (2020 – bitch) is our Campscape head of security. She is a playful friend to everybody, but also very alert to keep the estate a safe place for our guests. She is the only dog that can roam the grounds freely.

Miss Piggy

Our latest family member joined us in februari 2024. Our mini-pig is around the house searching or begging for food.


Teddy is the leader of the pack (of dog, cats, donkeys and chicken). You have never seen a donkey as cool as Teddy. He is about 13 years old and sets the pace of the dramatic relaxation on the estate. Where he goes, Peppino and Fafa go.
Teddy doesn’t mind to be hugged. Teddy basically doesn’t get upset about anything and gets only excited when they are allowed to graze on the back of the campsite in Paradise. Then he might even run!

At dusk and dawn guests are welcome to join the gathering (feeding time) on Donkey Land.


Peppino is the naughty donkey. He is the youngest and always hungry. You can hear him kicking the fence and bray to get us to give him food. This naughty boy loves running and is always the first.

At dusk and dawn guests are welcome to join the gathering (feeding time) on Donkey Land.

Mama Mystic

Mystic appeared as a kitten on the roof of our shed in November 2021. She wasn’t looking to healthy and obviously was very hungry. We took her in and after a visit to the vet and some cleaning up, she soon became part of the family. By the time we went to sterilise her, it was already to late … In may 2022 she gave life to 6 beautiful kittens.

Yuki and Tail

Yuki and Tail, together with 4 other kittens, saw life in May 2022. They became the lucky ones to stay with us on our beautiful estate. Although they had serious training to become farm cats, they prefer to be house cats. Yuki (Micky Mouse) is the tomcat, and Tail is Dushi’s playmate (whenever there are no other dogs on site to play with). They only visit terras Amsterdao when all guests have gone to sleep.

Tik-tok (x10)

Our 10 chicken live on Donkeyland. Roaming the land in daytime and hiding for the foxes at night in their shelter, they are well oiled egg machines. When we arrived there were only brown ones. But when we were extending the family they voted for more inclusivity, so now we have 2 white, 2 black and 6 brown ones. Feminist bunch though, no rooster allowed in.