Campscape Beira Marvao Alentejo

What is a Campscape?

Our Campscape is a camping escape in a beautiful landscape. Whatever your purpose: nature, medieval villages, history, hiking and biking, seclusion or romance, you will find both the space and the facilities for pure relaxation and recreation as a counterweight for an ever more complex and hectic society.

Mission and Joy
It is by accident that we stumbled upon this rural, natural, almost remote and atypical campground in Parque Natural da Serra de Sao Mamede in Portugal.
We fell in love with the estate the astonishing geological landscape with its rich flora and fauna. The untouched cultural historic wealth of the region. But most of all the SUN, SILENCE and the STARS. In September 2021 it became our home. The licence for a camping gives us the opportunity to share the beauty of the estate with guests. 

Our Mission is to be happy, to take care of and cherish our estate as a refuge for ourselves and our guests. Our Joy is to share our wonderful treasure. To welcome a diversity of guests and provide them a home away from home … in an astonishing fairytale-like landscape.

The Campscape

The estate of 3,5 ha is a small hillside stretch that is  divided into parts by old original stonewalls and a Ribeiro (creek). The estate consists of the donkey grounds, the camp stretch and the stony hills. The actual campground (1,5 ha) follows an unpaved path up to the Olive Tree Plateau (with sanitary building), down to the Eucalyptus/Pool Area and ending at the Green Field.
We have recognisable spots in the middle of nature. You can set up on your desired and available spot, with respect to others and the grounds. Across the grounds you’ll find electricity water, and drying racks for your wash. We limit the number of occupied spots allowing everyone to enjoy the sun, the silence, the stars and a place at the bar amongst our international guests.

Campscape regulations: Use common sense

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Campscape is not gay,  but we are.  We pride ourselves in providing a safe and friendly home away from home for all (without children). We celebrate diversity, life would be very boring without. But we are anti-woke! We speak our minds freely and learn from each other. 

Our aim is to provide a peaceful, friendly environment where all guests can enjoy our estate and the beautiful region under optimal conditions. At the same time we also like to create a sociable atmosphere, where it’s easy to interact with other guests and your hosts. Therefore we chose to not to accommodate guests who are in transit and are looking for a parking spot for one night.

During our many trips as a gay couple we found that heterosexual family life  is the standard on 99% of available campsites. We like to provide a different and quieter setting that is appealing to a diversity of guests … imagine a fairytale swimming pool without (the noise of) kids. And luckily for those with children, there are many family orientated campsites to chose from in Portugal.

Sorry NO, we don’t accommodate vehicles larger than 7,5 meters. Our natural park just isn’t suitable for big vehicles. Most of our guests love small-scale camping in nature. Big motorhomes just don’t fit the scenery we like to provide. No exceptions!

No, because of the fire hazard in this part of Portugal and Spain, barbecues on coal and open fires are not allowed on the estate. Barbecues on gas are allowed.

The nearest local grocery store is in Santo António das Areias (5 km). There is a modern supermarket ‘Pingo Doce’ in Castelo de Vide (8,5 km). Ask for ways to get there.

We only accept well socialised dog –  to people and animals. We don’t accept dogs that are on the list of dangerous dog breeds. At checkin you have to present your dog to us and to Dushi.

N0. There is a maze of camping organizations in Europe that (often at a cost and administrative burden for us) offer minimal price benefits through discount cards. We do not participate in this and hope that guests visit us because of an intrinsic motivation to visit our little paradise in the unique region of Alto Alentejo.

No, although we want you to feel at home as our guests, we don’t offer a home for long stay. The maximum permitted stay on our Campscape is 4 weeks.
However, when you do spend the winter in Portugal (and likely in the Algarve), Campscape Beira Marvao Alentejo is a perfect short getaway from your winter stay. Get a feel of the real rural non-touristic Portugal.
Leading up to spring Januari, Februari and March are also months with plenty of sunshine and enjoyable daytime temperatures accompanied by an abundant flora and fauna. In november and december we’re closed, but from January 15 you’re welcome again.

Our Team


Naughty Donkey and alarm clock

Small Tent Spot on the Tent Field

For those camping with a small tent (size of just a bed), we offer a spot on the tent field, close to the sanitary building. Electricity optional.


  • Guests: 3

Camping Spot on our Beautiful Estate

Choose your own spot on our rural and natural Estate in Parque Natural da Serra de Sao Mamede – Alto Alentejo. Electricity included.


  • Guests: 4