How long should we stay?

How long should we stay?

A lot of our first time guests are in transit to or from the more obvious touristic destinations (Algarve and the busy coastal area) and book just for two nights (because that’s the minimum stay). But honestly, that is just not enough …

Many of our guests just need only one night under the stars, one morning of waking up with the birds, one day of soaking up the abundantly available recovering energy to appear for a cappuccino in the morning and ask “Can we stay a bit longer?”
But there are also guests who – after joining us in paradise – would really, really like to stay longer but can’t. They already booked the next campsite/accommodation, have to meet up friends elsewhere, or are in a hurry to get back home. That’s why we like to warn and advise you upfront. Two nights are just not enough, not enough for recuperation, not enough for romance, not enough for exploring this amazingly rich rural border region.

Here is an example of a 5 night schedule.

You arive on day 1. You install yourself at your spacious camping spot and explore the estate, with its diverse micro habitats full of birds and plants. You might like to chill in our heated pool. In the early evening you can help feed the donkeys and chicken and join us at terrace Amsterdao for a drink and a meal with our international guests.

Already on day 2 you wake up rejuvenated. Almost all of our guests do the flat 7 km landscape hike to the old railway station of Beira, with the possibility of a halfway lunch at a real Alentejan restaurant. The bikers can do the 25 km long megalithic bike route along the Spanish border taking you through an amazing landscape with Anta’s and Menhirs. In the afternoon you return to the Campscape, where relaxation is guaranteed. In the evening you meet your new made friends at Amsterdao and together we’ll welcome our new guests with whom you can already share some tips and experiences.

On day 3 you wake up heavily but happily numbed but at the same time strangely energetic. After the morning swim you hike, bike or grab a taxi to Marvao at 800 meter altitude (luckily we are already at 400 m). You expected tourism at the walled village with its huge castle, but the silence is breathtaking. You’ll enjoy a wonderful view over Spain and Portugal with the Serra da Estrella in the distance. And when you’re lucky you see a group of enormous vultures or an eagle, from above! The sunset in Marvao is breathtaking.

Day 4 is for pure relaxation at the Campscape where you really feel at home. Time to settle with a book in the shade of the Eucalyptus trees. Take a swim. Just turning your camping chair 90 degrees will give you a totally different view of the landscape. Dushi passes now and then to keep you company and play a bit. The early evenings are filled with rich conversations and a joined meal from master cook Vitor.

On day 5 you slowly return to normal life with a visit to Castelo de Vide. Wonder through this lively village with its castle, medieval Jewish quarter, pubs and restaurants. Of course you will spend your last evening ‘at home’ with your new made friends in Amsterdao, gathering tips for your next destination. The last night you finally dare to follow Ronaldo’s tip: swim in the night under the stars with a view on the lit castle of Marvao.

On this 5 night schedule you resume your trip on day 6 with some Campscape Olive Oil and Honey as a remembrance of a most relaxing and enjoyable time in the authentic Alto Alentejo at our Estate. A true camping escape.

This 5-night stay is of course just an example for visitors (with a campervan). When you love to walk or cycle (rent an electric bike, when you didn’t bring yours) there are so much more trips and routes you can take, for example to lakes and rivers (want a private beach?). Or plan an activity with our partners in the area. Bike on the old train track, go supping or kayaking.
When you’re camping with a tent or a caravan and have a car, the possibilities are even bigger, visit waterfalls, villages in the Spanish Extremadura and the wonderful Portuguese city of Elvas etc. etc.

You can easily spend several weeks with us, as the perfect counterbalance for your busy daily life. And all this in a spacious environment without the hassle of noise, animation, mindfulness coaches or yoga classes.